The Design Of Mango Latest Sandals

This shoe model, designed for women, men and children and sold exclusively online, was made in Menorca with suede and recycled tires in collaboration with the Castell craft company.

A few weeks ago, the brand presented its first capsule collection based on the circular economy, with recycled clothing fibers collected through the Second Chances project.

BARCELONA, June 25, 2020-Mango’s recent sustainability project is a new sandal model, which is developed and manufactured using handcrafted technology from recycled materials. The company developed this shoe, which is sold exclusively online, in collaboration with Castell, the Menorcan line of artisans famous for making the traditional sneakers and shoes of the island.

This summer offer has been made with recycled leather and suede tires, thus avoiding the pollution caused by the combustion of these materials, and has been made by hand in Menorca, emphasizing the Mediterranean spirit and the sense of community that the two brands share. The special cut, the seams and the assembly make each sandal a unique shoe that offers a new opportunity to an existing material.

Reusing clothes or materials to give them a new life is one of the initiatives that Mango has implemented as part of its commitment to the environment and improving the industry’s supply chain. Last April, the brand launched its first capsule collection based on the circular economy, with recycled fibers obtained from more than 32 tons of clothing collected in the store through the second Chances project.

The recent “Life in Bloom” campaign, with which Mango sent a message of optimism to the world to give a mood of optimism to the current situation, also contributed to this worldwide effort with a selection of 100% sustainable women’s clothing. All these designs, described as “Dedicated”, are part of the permanent Mango collection, in which the brand intends to increase the use of recycled polyester by 50% by 2025, while ensuring that by 2030 all the cellulose fibers used are of controlled origin.

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