Earrings According To Your Face Shape

Each person has his personality, his sense of style and disguise. It reflects your inner self and your inclination to certain fashion trends. Choosing the right accessories to stand out is a great program for this matter.

However, it is quite acceptable to experience their appearance from time to time. But first of all you need to choose the accessory that will level your personality.

Most people do not realize that geometry plays an important role in the world of style. From dresses to accessories such as engagement rings, earrings, necklace, etc. it all depends on your face cut, body shape, length and, finally, on your personal choice.

Here we have collected some ideas for you while you are choosing jewelry for you or your loved one according to your face cut. Whether it’s an engagement gift or a wedding anniversary, your knowledge of this face geometry will help you choose the best of all.

1. Oval face: Beads, tear drops, Oval earrings:

Being the most convenient form to style, an oval face can be suitable for almost any type of jewelry. You just need to avoid too much length like long pendants. Opt for round rings instead, these will add the right proportion to your face. It will add the length of your face by making it look elongated.

Oval faces look more beautiful with hoops, nails, hugs, rings in the form of a triangle.

You can choose pearl nails, diamond grooves or golden hoops.

2. Round face: hanging and long earrings:

This beautiful round face just needs an elongated structure to attract attention. People with a round face have ears near their face. Her face looks circular with her chin and forehead in good proportion to her cheeks. These types of faces hardly contain clear facial features. You need to add angles to your face.

Avoid wearing something round, it will expand your face. Instead, opt for earrings, drops or jewelry that will add length to your face. Tassels, chains, and feathers are original jewelry ideas.

3. Face in the shape of a heart: earrings teardrops flatter:

Speaking of the geometry of your face, the heart-shaped faces on the chin are narrower and have a wider frontal area. These face cuts have slightly sharper features than other face types. Avoid angular trinkets to keep them on a softer side. To balance the proportion of your face, you need to choose earrings with a wider background. You must safely avoid large and heavy elongated pendants. You need to add a cutting edge to the geometry of your face.

Always opt for flat tears, triangular earrings with round edges, leaf rings.

4. Square face: Long hoop and nails:

People with square faces are lucky to have a strong and attractive jaw line. It is the center of attraction of your kind of face. The chiseled face cut should become a little softer with additional accessories. The square-shaped faces have a broad forehead with a width that is almost similar on the cheeks and jaw. To add a little circular structure to your face, opt for round jewelry.

You can opt for long hoops, nails that draw attention to your ear area. This will shift the focus of the angular structure of your face.

Gold rings, diamond nails, hoops with several round figures are a good choice for this type of face.

5. Face of inverted triangles: hanging earrings:

The inverted triangular face looks similar to the type of heart-shaped face. A small difference is that the inverted triangular faces have a strong jaw line and a sharp facial cut, while the heart-shaped faces are somewhat elongated in comparison and contain softer strokes.

The face in the inverted triangle has many empty areas in addition to your cheeks. You can wear earflaps with a wider bottom, which is longer and complements the length of your face. In this way, the bottom of the face is in the right proportion with the area of the forehead.

Always choose long pendants with triangular or leafy shapes at the bottom. In this way, your little chin will draw attention to the earrings.

6. Diamond-shaped face: drop-shaped earrings and earrings:

The diamond-shaped face cut is somewhat close to the oval face. The difference here lies in the more angular cut and the strong characteristics. The eyes attract the most attention as the wider part of the face. The areas of the chin and forehead are in the same proportion. Diamond-shaped people need to level the lower part of the face with the widest part of the face. Attention needs to be shifted from the strong cheekbones.

You must avoid anything that is too long or too short.

Earrings in the form of a tear without sharp corners, long foliage patterns, nails with diamonds or pearls, flat jewelry with wider bottoms of round or oval shape will certainly do justice.

7. Narrow face: short earrings, beads, and flattering earrings:

Narrow faces do not have sharp characteristics and do not have the structure of the elongated face. There is no broad forehead, chin or strong jaw line to indicate it as a strong feature. This type of face needs volume to his face. People with such face types should opt for short earrings, beads for an illusion of round structure or some kind of flattering earrings.

Jewelry is a lifetime investment, so make the best of it so you can cherish it forever.

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