All About Converse Brand

The Converse brand has existed for more than a century, and although most of its consumers and the most ardent fans of the brand are teenagers and people in their twenties, the Converse brand has been worn and loved by teenagers and young Americans from generation to generation for almost a century. The company is also synonymous with everything that is American in the minds of many people, such as apple pie and stars and stripes.

The Converse brand was actually created by a person with the same name and contrary to what many people think, the brand does not have that name just because it looks cool and seems to fit very well and describes the entire ethics of the brand. There was actually a person named Marquis Mills Converse who was in his after thirties when he first set out to work in a shoe factory where he was a respected top-level manager and decided to settle down with a company to which he would give his name.

With this in mind, he founded the rubber shoe company Converse in Malden, a town in the state of Massachusetts in the United States of America. It was only a year before the outbreak of the First World War, the company soon produced almost four thousand pairs of Converse shoes every day for men, women and children, but it was not until a few years after that the first Converse sneakers, as we know them, came on the scene. In 1915, the Converse company began producing tennis shoes called sneakers, and a young basketball star named Chuck Taylor began to wear these sneakers because they were so comfortable.

Chuck Taylor loved the Converse shoes he wore so much that he returned to the company with ideas on how to improve them, thus giving birth to the shoe that is now called the Converse Chuck Taylor all Star. He started working for the company, both as a salesman and as a brand ambassador and the shoes were an instant success. In fact, a few years after, the patch with a star suggested by Chuck Taylor himself began to be adorned with Chuck Taylor’s own signature and it is the same patch that all Converse sneakers wear to this day.

Over the years, Converse shoes have always been very popular among young people for two main reasons. The first was their simple, sturdy construction and the comfort they provided, which prompted Chuck Taylor to wear them in the first place. Converse sneakers have also always been at a very affordable price, just like the rest of the Converse line, which allowed most people to buy many pairs of these shoes and gave birth to a huge industry specializing in tailoring Converse shoes with colors and colors to increase their style and trend quotient.

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